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LIFETIME warranty on upgraded tint

Choose our high-quality Carbon and CXP window films and get a LIFETIME warranty against fading, peeling, wrinkling, and bubbling. These high-quality films offer a higher level of protection against heat and UV rays than standard films.


Carbon and CXP films are available in several percentages including 35, 18, and 5. Window tint eyebrows are also available for the top of your windshield. Your satisfaction is our top priority and DISCOUNTS are available. Contact ADA's Window Tint Inc today to learn more about our services.

5-year warranty on standard tint

Choose our standard pro film and get a 5-year warranty. This film will reflect UV rays and keep your seats cool. Choose from three different tint percentages for a varying degree of darkness: 35, 20, and 5.


We are the largest shop on the east side of Houston and have won 1st place in the 2007 Texas showdown. Call 713-451-1112 today to schedule your window tinting appointment or visit our shop for more information.

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